Vision Changes With Age: Is It Normal?

A change in vision as you age is often normal, but for some people, a decline in vision with age is a cause for concern. What sets apart a normal occurrence from a more concerning one can vary, so it is best to speak with an optometrist about any concerns you have. However, there are some worrying indicators you do not want to ignore. Tunnel Vision The human eye is equipped with a helpful function known as peripheral vision, which provides you with a clear view of your front, as well as your sides. Read More 

Should You Be Concerned About Your Eyes Tearing Up Or Crying At Random?

Everyone, whether they're an emotional sort or not, produce tears regularly. Tears are a necessary part of the functioning of your eyes. But like anything else with the body, if something goes awry, you can end up with odd symptoms. When it comes to the eyes, if you've noticed that you seem to have tears leaking out of the corners of your eyes or are downright crying without any emotional component, it's possible that something has gone wrong with your eyes. Read More 

3 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are made from different types of plastic and seem like they are very durable; although they are durable, they are still very delicate. Your contact lenses are not going to last very long if you don't take care of them properly. Your lenses may also cause damage to your eyes if you don't take care of them, or don't wear them properly. Read on for a few mistakes you may be making with your contact lens wearing or care. Read More 

Why Does Your Eye Doctor Puff Air in Your Eye?

For many patients, the strangest part of an eye exam is when the eye doctor shoots a puff of air into their eyes. It doesn't hurt, but it is a weird feeling, and it always surprises you. If everything is okay, your eye doctor will just say something like "looks good," and then you'll be on to the next part of the exam. Perhaps this is why so many patients are left wondering what the air puff test really does and why it's so important. Read More 

Emergency Care For Your Eyes

In the case of an eye emergency, you need to know how to care for your eyes without panicking. If you have a problem with your eyes and you are not sure what to do, you could end up making your eye condition worse. Read on for a few eye emergencies and what you should do in the event this happens to you. Eye Infection If you have an eye infection, it can be highly contagious. Read More